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Our studio has twenty years of experience in the field of

Technical Documentation, Illustration and Graphic Design


We specialize in:


* Technical documentation –

      UUser manuals, Assembly & installation instructions

* Technical & artistic illustration
* Specialized 3D imaging


We provide services to a wide range of companies - manufacturers of plastics and rubber products, electrical equipment, medical products, the metallurgy industry and many others.

Our design consultant attends the entire development and manufacturing process, becoming thoroughly familiar with the product and its particular issues. Our client-sensitive approach continues throughout all stages of the creation to address unique concerns in the simulation and design of assembly, installation or operating processes. With zealous attention to the finer details, we provide comprehensive technical documentation solutions, worthy of premium quality products.

Among Our Clients:
Keter Plastic, Lipski, Nisko, Tafnukim, N.M.C, Scitex, Mitsubishi, Taga, Orbix Medical, Litaf



Graphic designer
Multidisciplinary artist

Graduate of ‘Meimad School of Visual Arts’ and the ‘Avinoam Kosovsky art study'.
Paints mostly in oil, acrylic and mixed techniques.

1997 and currently - Manager of the ‘Technical Graphic Design Studio’
1991-1992 - art teacher at the College of Painting and Sculpture – Ramat Gan.
1989 to 1996 - illustrator of Children's books and graphic editor and designer of the magazines ‘Roch 1’, ‘Pilon’ and ‘Mashehu’.

Exhibitions and Galleries:
2010 - Group Exhibition at Kay College, Be’er Sheva.
2003 - Solo exhibition, ‘Antiposa’ at the ‘Coupe de Arte’ Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2003 - Outdoor Exhibition, ‘orange’ Group, at the ‘Lev Tel Aviv’ district.
2001 - Group Exhibition, ‘’ at ‘The Villa’ gallery, Jaffa.
2000 - Group exhibition, Common painting, ‘woman, landscape and exercise bike’
         at ‘The New Art Workshop’ Gallery - Rishon Lezion.
1992-1995 - permanent display of paintings at the ‘Anonymous’ gallery, Tel Aviv.

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